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Monday, 29 June 2015

Rocketry Tips- Recovery Wadding, Why Do I Need It?

Summer is a great time to take up Model Rocketry.  Who wouldn't want to see something get 'blown-up'.*

Flame resistant recovery wadding protects the recovery system and is necessary to launch model rockets.  Although it looks like toilet paper or thin paper towel, it is NOT the same!  Wadding is specially treated to protect your parachute and rocket from melting or exploding so you get the maximum enjoyment out of your model rocket.

#3556 - Pro Series II™ Recovery Wadding
Flame resistant recovery wadding is necessary for launching model rockets. It prevents melting and destruction of your rocket and parachute.

Enough wadding for 10-12 Pro Series II launches.
Can also be used with any Estes rockets!

#2274 - Recovery Wadding
The flame resistant wadding is required in most Estes rockets unless they are tumble recovery.
Contains 75 sheets, enough for about 18-25 flights and is absolutely necessary to launch model rockets.

Come on down to Chinook & Hobby West - It's Where The Fun Begins!


If you're in Calgary, AB or area here is a great site with a calendar so you can see rockets of all sizes being launched.  They also have the info on the by-laws you need to stick with so you don't get a ticket launching those rockets  Calgary Rocketry Association

* please be careful when using any rocketry supplies or engines. You can get seriously injured if you do not follow the instructions.  Chinook & Hobby West is not responsible for loss, injury or death that may be caused by using any products we may or may not feature.


  1. Tinfoil and wax paper work just as well and are much cheaper. Also you can buy almost all Rozzers products in bulk at your local hardware store for the same price as a small bottle. Cheers and happy hobbying

    1. We contacted the Calgary Model Rocketry Association and they say that tinfoil or wax paper should never be used in place of wadding. We have attached the email response from Garth below.

  2. We are verifying with Garth of the Calgary Model Rocketry Association as to if you can use the method of tinfoil or wax paper. Due to safety concerns, at this time, please do not use this method until we hear from Garth or another representative from the association.

  3. We contacted The Calgary Model Rocketry Association and here is their response to using materials other than wadding:

    Hi Val! It has been a while since I have been down to the store. Tinfoil, fiberglass insulation and wax paper are not good choices for parachute wadding. Fireproof crepe paper, or fireproof cellulose insulation from Home Depot or Lowes hardware will work fine. Paper towels or Kleenex tissue are also bad choices as they are not flame proof and can cause fires. Hope that helps!