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Thursday, 23 June 2016

4 Simple Tips to Flying Model Rockets

4 Tips to Flying Model Rockets

Building, designing and launching model rockets is a great hobby that the whole family can enjoy doing; there is rocket fun for every skill level. There are a few things to consider when you begin your journey into model rocketry. Take this information into mind when purchasing your rocket and rocket accessories.
1) Open Area - It is very important you launch your model rockets in open areas, away from homes, businesses and NOT around airports. It is recommended to use an open field, like a farm or soccer field. Make sure to ask for permission first.

2) Even Ground - Launch your rockets from a level platform and always straight up. If the launch pad is tilted just a few degrees your rocket could end up several hundred feet away. Flying your rocket at a 90 degree, perpendicular angle will offer the maximum height out of your rocket engines.

3) Skill Level - It is always a great idea to start small when you begin a new hobby. Try not to jump into a project that maybe to overwhelming at first. Pick from a ready to Fly, Easy to Assemble or a Skill Level 1 model rocket for your first build. This will teach you how the rocket works and how much time is required to build a rocket. Over time you can move your way up to higher skill levels as your knowledge grows.

4) Rocket Engine Size - Much like the skill level of a model rocket, it is a good idea to begin with smaller engines.Rocket engines come in a few different sizes, and most beginner rockets launch a smaller size. Once you have a few launches under your belt, then you can begin launching larger rockets, with larger rocket motors.

If you're in the Calgary area, check out the link below for more info and visit the calendar page for launches.

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