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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Getting Started in Model Railroading

Model railroading is fascinating and has been dubbed by any as the "World's Greatest Hobby". It is very versatile and incorporates many learning opportunities and is so much fun for all ages. It includes creativity with sculpturing, painting, airbrushing , decorating and landscaping, and encourages scientific exploration of electronics, physics, mechanics, engineering and architecture, all combined with humor, friendship, family activities, social interaction, and the great sense of accomplishment.

Things to Consider Before Starting
  • Space - plan out how big your layout can be, within the room you have available. Keep in mind that you need to get to all points that has track.  So you may want to consider a U shape or a hole in the middle that you can get to should you need to.
  • Scale - this goes with the Space point.  If you have outdoor space, you may want to model in G, in a small to large room HO, or for a really small space N.
  • Budget - plan to spend on the materials for the table, base, roadbed and track first.  Then some model train pieces, buildings and landscaping.  This will also prevent you from getting overwhelmed with too much to do.
  • Tips - if you are interested in using long flat bed cars,passenger cars or other long cars you need to make allowance for large radius curves or they will derail.  Come and visit us for great beginner guidebooks and guidance in planning
Next week: the scales (gauges) of model railroading

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