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Friday, 16 September 2011

Vintage Craft Friday- Liquid Embroidery

Liquid Embroidery Crafts

Liquid embroidery can be done in the place of embroidery or screen printing without expensive equipment. The result is a pattern or text that is imprinted on fabric by using an embroidery pen. Embroidery pens are ball-point pens that are used like markers. Wash fabric that has been liquid embroidered just as you would normally wash the type of fabric. Ideas on how to use it on different mediums can be found:

Liquid embroidery is great for kids and adults alike. My daughter decorated her 'indoor' school shoes and she is in grade one. I have decorated wooden and papermache boxes, shirts and pillow cases.

The brand we carry is called Vogart. Great for Clothing, fabrics, china, wood, leather, and more.  We have a great selection of colours and the tip cleaner too. 
You can find these and many more Vintage crafts at our stores. We have two locations in Calgary, one in the North West and one a few block north of Chinook Centre. See the addresses in yesterdays post.

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  1. North Address:
    2604 - 4 St. NW

    South Address:
    5011 MacLeod Tr. SW

    Both in Calgary, AB.