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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Model Collectors Club Newsletter - August 2012

Hello Collectors Club Member;

It’s been about a month since our last email and we wanted to share some things with you.

What’s in this month’s email blast?

  • Restock arrivals 
  • What’s happening in and around Calgary?
  • Tip of the Month
  • Fun Video (building a life-size Airfix model kit)
  • News 
Restock Arrived:
-4WD Miniracer kits and accessories to customize a mini R/C racer
-Diecast collection with Mopar and Nascar in 1:18 and 1:24
-Model Technologies Detail sets for aircraft
-Indoor Spray Booth: includes a baffle to contain fumes & fold up easily
-various sized display cases. For 1:87, 1:64, 1:24, 1:18 and more. Most are

What’s Happening?
We hear about clubs, events and other things that may interest you. As we can we post
them on the events page of our website.
-         Every Tuesday night (weather permitting) Oakridge A & W has a mini show and shine, bring
        by your car/truck or just visit. 
-    2012 Alberta Military Modellers Show: Sept. 15/12 at the Military Museum of Calgary for more info on how to enter, time & cost

Tip of the Month


The term 'scale' refers to the proportion of actual size the replica or model represents. Scale is usually expressed as a ratio (e.g. '1:35') or as a fraction (e.g. '1/35'). In either case it conveys the notion that the replica or model is accurately scaled in all visible proportions from a full-size prototype object. Thus a 1:35th scale model tank is 1' to 35' the size of the actual vehicle upon which the model is based. Models generally make no attempt to replicate scale weight, only size.
Scales for commercially produced kits include 1:9, 1:16, 1:24, 1:35, 1:48, 1:72, 1:87 (railroad HO scale), 1:144, 1:250, 1:285 and 1:300. However, 1:35 and 1:72 are by far the most popular. A relatively new trend led by Tamiya is military vehicle kits in 1:48 scale — a popular scale for military aircraft models. The scale was formerly introduced by companies such as Aurora, and Bandai in the 1970's. However, the scale did not gain popularity mostly because of the accuracy and detail of the scale. Scratch built models may be in any scale, but tend to follow the most popular kit scales due to the ease of finding kit components which may be used in the scratch built model.
Larger-scale models tend to incorporate higher levels of detail, but even smaller-scale models may be quite intricate.


Military vehicle modellers build a wide variety of models. Tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles are the most popular subjects at model contests. Modellers also build ordnance, military trucks and half-tracks, and lighter vehicles such as jeeps and motorcycles. Models may be displayed in stand-alone mode, that is, with no base, or on a decorative base, often with a label of some kind. More elaborate bases may include scale scenery, intended to depict the setting in which the vehicle served. This trends towards the closely related hobby of diorama building.
Taken from!/pages/Model-military-vehicle/111020152253485?rf=115006585177613

Fun Video
James May wanted to get kids interested in model building by having them put together, paint and
display a 1:1 Airfix model Spitfire airplane kit.


Our next Airbrushing for Beginners class will be in October 2012. Please check out the
 events calendar on our website for more information. You can either email or call Valerie
to pre-book your space.

Do You Want To Share Your Knowledge With Others?
We are looking for people that would like to share their model railroading tips with others.
It can be in written form or a short video. You would get full credit and if your contribution
gets positive response and you become a repeat blogger for us we would like to share the reward.

Why Does Our Stock Level Look Thin?
We are making changes to both of our stores. We have a new logo, new look and we are
changing how we do things. Those of you that know Rob have experienced how Rob tends
to take things in a new direction from time to time.
Over the summer we are renovating our upstairs of our South store to have something new and
different. So please check out our Facebook page and watch our website for updates.
Late August and Early September you can expect to see new and restock in our plastic and
diecast sections.

Help Us Improve
We would love for you to share your comments and ideas (even the not so nice ones).
What do you want to see in upcoming emails and newsletters? What would you like to see
on our website, blog and/or our Facebook page? If we’ve done something you love let us
know so we can keep it up.
We want to become the Hobby Store that you want to visit so please share with us!

Please email this to a friend; they can join our Collectors Club too!

Thanks so much and we hope to see you really soon.
From Rob, Val and all the guys at Chinook & Hobby West

North Store: 2604 – 4th St. NW    Ph# 403-984-3438
South Store: 5011 Macleod Tr. SW    Ph# 403-243-1997

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