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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Join Our Collectors Club for More Fun!

What is the Collectors Club?
What will be in the Newsletters?
Anyone signing up for the Chinook Collectors Club will be entitled to the following:

  • Birthday Club: On the month of your birth, you will get a ‘surprise’ from us.
  • On your club selection you will be notified, when your items of interest are on sale or when new items arrive.
  • Reserving your birthday party, club event, or meeting at a discount.
  • You will be notified of any clinics/classes in your area of interest (e.g. How to build realistic dioramas, How to maintain your locomotive or how to add the ‘light’ to your figures Lightsabres)
  • On your area of interest you may be invited to attend one of our ‘invitation only’ events.
  • Kids (aged 13 and younger) that sign up get to use Canadian Tire money to pay for up to one third of their purchase.
  • Access to surprise freebies.
  • Quarterly Newsletter ‘The Chinook Wind’.
  • Early entry to contests.
  • And more.....

Just email us the following information:
-First name
-Last name
-Over or Under 18
-Birth month and day (year isn't needed)
-mailing address including postal code (so we can mail your gift)
-Email address
-hobby interest(s)- you may name more than one hobby interest and we only send you updates on those you ask us to.
-Phone number

Those that sign up for the ‘Chinook Wind’ Newsletter can expect the following:

  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Contest notifications
  • Coupons and discount offers
  • Info on what’s new in the hobby industry and toy collectibles
  • Tips and techniques on different departments.
  • A customer comment section (a chance to have your opinion or comment in print)
  • An occasional customer article with their name in by-line
  •  And more.....

We do Birthday parties teaching kids how to do diorama or model building.

We have Charity events with special guests.

We love to share special events and exciting news of what's happening. This is a picture of Loco 2816 known as 'The Empress'. She lives here in Calgary and does regular runs through the city.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Airbrushes - Differences

Before choosing an airbrush ask yourself: What will it be used for? How often will I use it? What type of material will I be spraying? What kind of paint will I be using? Will you be using a can of air or compressor?

Make sure to hold the airbrush in your hand to feel the weight & balance. If it is too heavy your hand will easily tire or cramp and affect how you paint.

INTERNAL MIX - the air and paint mix inside the airbrush giving an atomized 'fine dot' spray pattern.
EXTERNAL MIX - the air and paint mix outside the airbrush making a larger, coarser spray pattern.
DUAL ACTION - the trigger on the airbrush controls both the air and paint seperatly. this allows for different line widths when spraying.
SINGLE ACTION - the trigger only controls the air flow. Turning the needle adjustment screw gives a pre-set amount of paint when pressing the trigger.
GRAVITY FEED - a top-mounted colour cup uses gravity to draw the paint into the airbrush. (this one is great if using a can of air with your brush)
BOTTOM FEED - the paint enters through a tube or colour cup attached to the bottom of the airbrush. This requires a high PSI so a compressor drived airbrush is better.
SIDE FEED - uses a small colour cup that fits into the side of the airbrush. This requires at least 20 PSI and either air method is OK for this one.


The needles and nozzles come in varying sizes to accomodate many different projects on many different materials. Come in and see us for great books, DVD's and knowledgeable staff.

For more information visit: