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Friday, 19 October 2012

Guns Don't Help Stress.... Hobbies Help Stress!

In this technologically dependant era we have forgotten how to find ways to cope with the stress that comes with all these gadgets. We are too tempted to check our Facebook and Twitter accounts and encourage our kids to play video games.

Yes, these things can be fun but what happens when the battery runs out?

I own a hobby store in Calgary. Actually I own two, and I love to get people unplugged from their electronics and back down to earth by finding a hobby that they can use their skills they forgot about and imagination with.

Did your dad used to take you to the airport to watch the planes take off when you were a kid? How about trying your hand at making a plastic model replica of a WWII aircraft or commercial jet? Did you and your buddies play cowboys and indians or war? Make a diorama of a scene from that memory (we have a few on display at both of our stores for inspiration).

We sell collectible toys like Star Wars, GI Joe, Marvel and Barbie ~vintage and new. We have diecast pre-built cars and aircraft so you can just put them on display (great executive gifts!), we also carry model railroading from tiny Z scale (locomotive would be the length of your pinky finger) to O scale (the loco would be the size from your wrist to your elbow). So much fun, imagination and something to pass on to your kids and grandkids.

But, my favourite part of my job.... I get to play with Toys and build Model Kits and play Trains all day and I get to say, 'I'm product testing'.... I have the best job!!! Wanna come over and Play?

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