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Friday, 8 November 2013

My Favourite Trains - By Robby Gale

This post is from the view point of a 10 year old boy fascinated by Model Railroading and Railfanning.

Mikado Locomotive

The Mikado steam locomotive was owned by many different rail way companies.  Her are just some of the companies that owned this fine locomotive. Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific, Santa Fe, Pennsylvania and other fine railways.

This engine is quite big but it is an extremely useful one. The bigger the locomotive the stronger the locomotive.  

When steam was in service (like the diesels today ) they were often freight pullers.

Russian Locomotive

The Russian Locomotive was a pretty big locomotive.  Its wheel combination is a 2-10-0 a locomotive built to pull about 20 freight trains across Canada.  The railway companies that owned these locomotives are Canadian National, Union Pacific, Eerie, and Pennsylvania.

Big Boy Locomotive

The Big Boy Locomotive is one of the Giants of the West.  They were built to pull big, heavy freight trains across North America.  The wheel combination is a 4-8-8-4.  One drive-wheel is seven feet tall.

The Railway companies that owned these engines are Union Pacific, Pennsylvania, Santa Fe, Great Northern, and Milwaukee Roads.  Each one looked a little different.

Tram Car

The Tram (or Trolley Car) was invented in 1900.  It was invented for two reasons, one was for a smoother ride to transport people and the other was to make less work for the people who had to build the railway. 

Tram Cars ran on railways called road lines.  This made less work for the workers because when they built the road,  all they had to do was put rails in the road, make two flange spaces and power poles along the side.  Or they put a third rail down the center and made the third rail electric.  

These Tram Cars were small but useful.  Now C-trains and subways have taken their place.

The Subway
The Subway system was built in approx 1867. They became popular in the 1970's because, most of the passenger railway companies had gone out of business or stopped their passenger trains because they were not making enough money.  The only railway that was permitting passenger travel at the time was AMTRAK.  A popular railway with only passenger travel.

It still only does passenger trains today.  They are also participating in the subway business.  The subway transit is located in New York, The Cordillera and many other busy city's in North and South America.

All of the drawings on this page are original line drawings by Robby. Robby works at Chinook & Hobby West on Friday afternoons and loves to talk to anyone about Model Railroading and Trains.  He has been studying Trains since he was 4 years old.

For more info on these locomotives, click the titles below.
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  1. Wow, amazing drawings Robby. You should post them around the shop with a litlle write up for people to look at and read!