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Friday, 15 November 2013

Why I Love Aviation - An Interview With John H.

November is National Aviation Month:

This is an interview with a former staff member who's hobby is aviation.  John is now a pilot and loves getting air under his wings whenever he can.

John Hunter

 Valerie:   Have you always been interested in Airplanes?  
John:  I've always liked airplanes.  My dad travels a lot and I really liked to be at the airport and would watch airplanes take off and land.

 Valerie:  What was the first Aircraft you became enamored with and why? 
John:  My first aircraft that I loved was the Lancaster bomber.  There was an airshow some time ago that I went to that you could get inside and look around it was pretty cool.

Lancaster Bomber   (click photo for more info)

Valerie:   When did you know you wanted to become a pilot?
John:  In high school the high river pilot school came down and gave a presentation I pretty much decided then.

Valerie:  When did you take your first flying class?  What did that first flight feel like?
John:  My first flight was in the summer right after high school. It takes a minute for you to really grasp that your are actually flying.

Valerie:  What two facts about flying an aircraft do you find the most interesting? 
 John:  Just look up a video about aircraft spins that can really be 10 interesting and terrifying things.

 Valerie:  Do you have a favourite pilot? Why do you find him/her interesting?
  John:  Alan Shepard the first american in space.  I really found his story interesting because he wasn't chosen because of his background or piloting skill there were better choices out there.  He was picked because all those pilots really liked and respected him.

 Valerie:  Have you built any model airplanes? Which one? Do you have a photo?
   John: I have a few models airplanes my favorite being the SR-71 or the blackbird.

SR-71 Blackbird   

Valerie:   What plane do you fly?
 John:  The aircraft i do most my flying in is the Diamond DA20

  • Diamond DA20
  • The Diamond DA20 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation aircraft designed for flight training. In addition to its role as a civil and military training aircraft, it is also used for personal flying by pilot-owners. Wikipedia
  • Cruise speed256 km/h
    Range1,013 km
    Length7.16 m
    Unit cost198,800–238,375 USD (2013)
    Engine typeAircraft engine

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