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Friday, 29 March 2013

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

March 29th is ‘National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day.’ As the name says, this day is to celebrate and give attention to those small business owners. These people normally put in long and hard hours because there usually aren’t many employees. Things still need to get done so the few people that are employed at these places have to get the work done no matter how long it takes. Normally these people don’t mind these kinds of hours because the work isn’t overly bad. After all, they do not have to listen to other people really because they are their own bosses.

Small businesses like these are vital to the economy and many people prefer going to these places instead of the big corporate companies. Customer support usually is way better and quicker. People know what they are talking about and are more willing to help because they know that’s what keeps businesses alive.

This holiday should be promoted by people shopping in these stores. If you generally pass up these shops to go to the corporates, take a moment today to stop in and see what they have to offer. These are people’s livelihoods and they are very passionate about what they do. I know firsthand what this is like as my grandparents and parents own a small hunting and sporting clays club. They appreciate every person that walks through the door to support them. Everyone is greeted and treated like they are valued, which is how everyone should be all the time anyway. Make someone’s day happier by shopping at the small ‘mom and pop’ places in your area. Thank them for their hard work by buying things they sell. Have fun and good luck!


How The Holiday Started:

On National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day we honor the small, family business owners who bring so much to our communities. As they labor to grow their enterprises, they bring jobs, revenue to other local businesses, and general good fortune to the area. The success and desirability of many communities is closely tied to the success of nearby enterprises.
According Rick Segel, the son of the "mom and pop" who started this holiday, it was created on March 29th, 1939. His parents were the owners of a hat shop called "Ruth's" in Everett, MA.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Tips On Gluing Clear Parts

Many of us have done a model where we are following the instructions- only to find out the glue we used to put our masterpiece model together has clouded up our canopy, windows or other clear parts. After you stop cursing and yelling and pick up your model and its bits off the floor, you wonder what happened and can I fix it?

Ah, well - the what happened is easy. The fumes from the glue have reacted to the plastic and you can't fix it. You could alter the clouded plastic part and make it look like the window smashed, or  if its a car you could do a diorama with teens making out in the car (steamed windows - good imagination helps).

To prevent this in the future? You need to use a clear parts glue. At Chinook & Hobby West we have two different kinds: Testors Clear Parts Cement and Cheap Stick Hobby Glue.

Use fine beads of clear parts glue to secure the piece in place. Hold it in place for about 1 minute to set enough to let go of it. Then leave it overnight to cure. It dries clear. If you need to remove excess glue use a fine file so you don't mare your clear part and can control where you are filing.

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