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Friday, 22 March 2013

Tips On Gluing Clear Parts

Many of us have done a model where we are following the instructions- only to find out the glue we used to put our masterpiece model together has clouded up our canopy, windows or other clear parts. After you stop cursing and yelling and pick up your model and its bits off the floor, you wonder what happened and can I fix it?

Ah, well - the what happened is easy. The fumes from the glue have reacted to the plastic and you can't fix it. You could alter the clouded plastic part and make it look like the window smashed, or  if its a car you could do a diorama with teens making out in the car (steamed windows - good imagination helps).

To prevent this in the future? You need to use a clear parts glue. At Chinook & Hobby West we have two different kinds: Testors Clear Parts Cement and Cheap Stick Hobby Glue.

Use fine beads of clear parts glue to secure the piece in place. Hold it in place for about 1 minute to set enough to let go of it. Then leave it overnight to cure. It dries clear. If you need to remove excess glue use a fine file so you don't mare your clear part and can control where you are filing.

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