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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Gift Series Diamond Blocks Minion - Product Review

Chinook & Hobby West just got in some really neat Lego style sets from LOZ. Called Diamond Blocks.

I have to admit that one of the best perks of working at a hobby store is that you get to 'product test' the new product!

This time it's Robby's turn.

Out of the four designs that we are experimenting with, Robby decided to put together Minion #9161.
It has 260 pieces, and the box suggests 14+.  Robby is 13 and had almost no trouble putting it together.  Although it did take some time as the pieces are small.

The rest is from Robby's point of view:

First read the instructions and make sure all your pieces are included.  There's 260 so check carefully! (however, there are one extra of every piece so if you loose one there's an extra.)

As you construct this piece, you do it in layers starting at the base and it's hollow inside.  I'm going to build it as a display so I'll probably glue it together. You can to, if you're never going to dissemble it.

Now by this stage I was two and a half hours in to building it. Although you do have to look at the instructions very closely because they're not as clear as Lego's are.

The mouth took me about two try's (depending on your skill with Lego building you may do better - lol) as it is a very weird shape.

You can place the pupils anywhere in the eye's but I chose to make him look straight.  

                           The goggles are fun because they make him look more like a minion.

          I put the finished piece in a custom made display case just for fun, and enhance the look.

You can buy these neat sets (and the proper display case) at our online store, or come down to our store location in Calgary.

 The others we currently have at Chinook & Hobby West are:

We have over 33 different designs!
Each piece is between 100 and 300 pieces and stand about 3 inches tall when completed.

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& Val