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Friday, 1 November 2013

National Aviation History Month - Part 1

What part of flight interests you? Did you dream you were Superman? Did you make an airplane out of boxes?  Did you go to the airport just to watch the planes come in?

What about your favourite kind of plane: First flight like DeVinci's contraption or the Wright Flyer? Or is it a jet fighter, commercial aircraft, air balloon or Space Shuttle.  Whatever it is the child in us gets excited!

Man has always been fascinated with flight. What would it be like to fly like a bird? Or to own a Jetsons Car and fly over traffic...

Here are some great articles from blogs we have found.

1) Keeping time in the cockpit is essential. Whether it’s to note time off the ground, to keep track of how long you've been in a holding pattern, or to note your ETA (estimated time of arrival), pilots will always have a need to document time.

2) The history of aviation has extended over more than two thousand years from the earliest attempts in kites and gliders to powered, heavier-than-air,supersonic, and hypersonic flight.

3) Welcome to the new online home of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society, the world's premier organization dedicated to preserving Canada's flying heritage.

4) Aviation is the design, development, production, operation, and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft. The word "Aviation" was coined by French writer and former naval officer Gabriel La Landelle in 1863, from the verb "avier" (synonymous flying), itself derived from the Latin word "avis" ("bird") and the suffix "-ation".

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