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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Model Railroading: Fun for Little and Big Kids!

One of my first memories was watching my dad unpack a new train set he just bought. He set it all out on a shelf and warned us not to touch it as it wasn't a toy. Then he brought in a large piece of plywood and we all got to help plan out track and scenery and it became a great family project!

We never did get to run that train although I remember the joy on my dad's face as he ran it. Now its my turn. I have a 9 year old boy and my husband, son, daughter and myself added on to the set that Santa brought. Every time I go into the playroom my son has a whole story line going on. He'll watch a documentary in the background and act it out on his layout. Using the same or similar locomotives and cars and rearranging the buildings and creating mountains with crumpled paper, or a farm with his sisters animals. Its amazing to watch. My favourite is when my husband brings in one of the trains that his father used to run and the two of them are lost in that world of imagination and creativity.

This is one of the sets my son bought with Christmas and birthday money. (I did chip in a bit)

Over the last five years many of the old model railroaders have passed on or just cannot carry on the hobby and the hobby industry started panicking about how there will be no one to sell model railroading too. I have to say, that's not what I am seeing at our Chinook & Hobby West stores (address' at the bottom of this blog).

I get to see adults and kids everyday and the wonder in their eyes as they see the big G scale run around our stores. The beginner sets we have in HO and N are great to start into as you can set them up on the kitchen table to start with. There are Model Railroading shows throughout the world on a regular basis.  Supertrain 2012 is this April 21 & 22 ( and is Canada's largest train show with layouts, classes, clinics and vendors to help you find and satisfy your train bug.

Lately with shows like The Big Bang Theory, we see young adults getting into the excitement of the model railroading hobby. here is the clip to enjoy!

So, come on down and see us here at Chinook & Hobby West and let us help YOU find the fun!

South Store:
5011 MacLeod Tr. SW
Calgary, AB   T2G 0A9
ph- 1-877-525-5785

North Store:
2604- 4th St. NW
Calgary, AB   T2G 0A9
ph - 403-984-3438

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