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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How To Build Creative Dioramas

What is a 'Diorama'?
A diorama is a highly detailed presentaion of a real life or imaginary scene. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to enhance the appearance of a model to a telling a 'story'.

How To StartYou must decide on a base and theme first.
If you are doing a diorama of a scene (like the one pictured to the left) starting with a styrofoam base is the best. You can carve into it, stick things into it, build up on it with plaster or paper mache and its light weight so you can carry it a little easier
If you choose to do a car diorama to accent a model you have built you could choose wood. You can cut your own base or get a precut plaque style to build a small scene onto.
Answer one last question before you start: "What am I planning to do with this diorama once I've finished it?"
If you're building for a contest, get the rules ahead of time; some contests limit the size of entries.  A diorama that will serve as a display base for the completed mosels on your shelf at home needs to fit the space.  Construct your diorama so it will be well built to when you move it, it will last.

..... to be continued....

By Valerie Gale
~This blog is inspired and quoted from 'How To Build Creative Dioramas For Your Scale Auto Models' by Ken Hamilton ($14.99 cdn at our stores)

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