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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sometimes Its Too Weird Not To Share....

Today is... National Toasted Marshmellow Day... seriously... make your own at home!

On a different note....
Today, like so many of us, I was checking my emails. Usually I get the occasional spam, business newsletters, questions from customer and the occasional joke. Today I came across a real news story from England I just had to share. I posted it on our Facebook and Twitter pages and I am posting it here because I know some of you guys don't like or have either of those.

The Headline read: UK firemen called to rescue cow stuck up a tree.
LONDON | Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:51am EDT

LONDON (Reuters) - A cow had to be rescued by fire services in northern England after it tumbled down a 30 meter river embankment and got stuck in a tree.

Fire crews in Cumbria were surprised to receive a call to rescue the cow, which had toppled 10 meters down a slope of the river Leith before a tree broke its fall.

The bruised bovine was discovered after its farmer noticed one of his cows was missing.

The animal was sedated by a vet before being winched out of the tree by firemen using specialist equipment.

"(Fire crews) had to wear body armor in case a stray hoof lashed out at them," said a spokesman for Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service.

"The vet checked the cow over and it seemed reasonably happy and relatively unscathed," he said.

(Reporting by Alice Baghdjian) Link :

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