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Monday, 12 August 2013

Don't Get Stuck - picking out adhesives and glue. Part 3

Types of Glue

The main types of glue that a modeler will need in their armoury are;
  • Polystyrene cement (reviewed July 29/13)
  • Cyano acetate (‘super glue’) also known as cyanoacrylate (CA glue) (reviewed July 29/13)
  • Epoxy Resin (reviewed Aug 5/13)
  • Clear ‘canopy’ glue (reviewed Aug 5/13)
  • Gloss varnish (reviewed Aug 5/13)
  • Clear rubber/silicone cement (today's item)
  • PVA adhesive (today's item)
  • White glue/woodworkers glue (today's item)
  • and there is always a new one coming to the market

Clear Rubber And Silicone Cements

There is a wide range of tube glues mainly intended for domestic use that are often branded as ‘All Purpose’ or ‘Universal’ glues.  They generally dry clear and remain rubbery.  The majority are solvent based, but there are varieties advertised as “safe for children” that do not contain any solvents.

PVA Glue

This is a thin water based white glue that dries rubbery.  It has wide range of commercial and domestic uses.  For example, in the construction trade it is often watered down and used to prime walls prior to painting.  It is very popular in kindergartens and schools because it is ideal for sticking paper and card and safe for children to use.  
We do not carry this at this time

White Glue / Woodworkers glue

This looks very much like PVA glue, being white and water-based but it is more viscous.  It has limited use for most modelling applications, but is very good at bonding wood, so may be useful when making dioramas or bases.  Some modellers use it to bond clear parts such as cockpit canopies.  It may dry clear or white depending on the manufacturer.

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