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Monday, 11 September 2017

Top 10 Model Building Tips for Beginners

Here is our top 10 model tips for beginners. Feel free to add your tips to the comments below!
Always read the instructions of your kit and follow the steps in order.

10. Use a hobby knife or sprue cutter to remove pieces from sprues. This give you a clean piece with no extra flashing, don't twist them off as you can ruin the pieces.

9.  Using a fine detail brush try to paint as many pieces when they're still on the sprue frame. This gives you more control and you don't need to worry about how you'll hold the tiny pieces while painting them.

8.  when using glue, less is usually more.  Put a small dab on glue on a bottle cap and use a tooth pick to control where the glue goes. Always 'dry fit' the part first so you know how it will fit before gluing.

7.  Applying water slide decals can be tricky.  Soak the decal for about 15 seconds it may curl, but wait and let it uncurl.  To place the decal, hold it to where it goes and slide it off the paper and onto the model. If the decal needs repositioning, then wet your fingers with water and move the decal into position carefully. There may be some residue from the glue, use a wet q-tip to clean it off being careful not to wipe the decal away. Allow the decal to fully dry before handling.

6.  Many sprues and model parts have the mould release agent still on them.  Make sure to immerse them in a shallow pan of mild dish detergent and warm water to rinse the chemical off and then dry completely.  Using extra fine grit sandpaper on the larger pieces works well too. Use a light touch so you don't sand off fine details.

5.  Always have your hobby area set up with whatever you need  for that kit. your model, glue, rag, thinner, sprue cutter, paint, brushes, dish of water, etc. If you don't have a designated spot and need to move your items around, use a cleaning caddy or toolbox to keep your supplies together and easy to transport.

4.  Never mix acrylic paint and enamel paint.  If you need to use both on your model kit paint one first and let it dry for a minimum of 6 hours, then paint with the other.  If you don't let the different paint types dry you may get a blister look.

3. When spray painting always use light coats. If you spray on too thick it may run or create an orange peel look to your paint job.

2. Did you glue your fingers together?  Never pull them apart!  Roll them apart or use nail polish remover or debonder to break down the glue bond.  If you got glue on any sensitive areas such as around your eyes or mouth, please go see a doctor and get them to assist you safely.

1.  HAVE FUN! If you get frustrated put the lids on your paint, thinner and glue, wash your brushes and go do something else for a while.  I've seen many model kits thrown at walls and out windows!  

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