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Monday, 19 September 2011

Collecting Diecast Cars

By Jesse Millington

When you hear Camaro SS 396, Boss 302, Hemi or Buick GS, the first thing that comes to mind is a nice, old, fast and expensive muscle car. One we love but may never own. We admire them at car shows and never think we can have one.

Do not fear though because you can own one, just smaller! What I'm talking about is collecting Diecast Metal Cars and enjoying that car passion weather its '50's Cruisers, Muscle Cars, Exotics or Tuners.

Having that small piece of automotive history in your hands gives a great sense of pride in collecting what you love and want.  It doesn't matter if you want to fill a vast basement, small room (TV room looks great with diecast cars...), or even just that spot in your office or garage wall dedicated to that one special piece or many exciting pieces. Collecting diecast can really bring the satisfaction and joy of owning 'that car'.

Starting off as a beginner I recommend doing some research on what you like and seeing if its available.  Search online, come see us (or your local hobby store) to help in the search.  Or if you like the hunt, go to local Flea Markets, garage sales, Toys R Us (there is no age limit in the toy isles!) or Wal-Marts.

People may not understand why you like those cars you've chosen but its for your pleasure not theirs. Maybe it was a first car you owned and experienced freedom or one you saw in a chase scene in a favorite movie. Maybe it was while walking down the street and some old greaser laid a 10 footer of rubber and was gone!

I always say, collect what you like because in the end, you own it, you'll enjoy it so make it worth your money and time!!!  Have fun!

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