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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Different Scales in Model Trains

Model trains come in various scales (gauges):

Ø      Z 1:220 (with all the letters identifying gauges Z became the smallest so they used the last letter in the alphabet)
Ø      N  (rails are Nine mm apart- hence the N) 1:160 **
Ø      HO  (Half O or ‘aitch oh’) 1:87  **
Ø      OO  - 1:76 runs on HO track and is the British version of HO
Ø      S   scale 1:64
Ø      O   (was referred as zero (or 0h) gauge) 1:48
Ø      G (Garden) 1:20.3 to 1:32
Ø      T is the newest (Tiny scale) and is the width of a pencil
Ø      There are many more gauges, although they are important to die-hard railroaders, we will not be listing them here.  Many of our staff is well versed in the different scales and would be happy to review them with you to make a stronger choice for what works for you.

Gauge refers to the width of the track, measured between the railheads.  Different from scale, which is proportion to life-size.

At present, Chinook & Hobby West carries two Scales of Model Trains for Sale:  
**HO Scale which is 1:87 scale, and N scale which is 1:160.  
For your information, the large train in operation high above the sales floor is ‘G’ Scale or Garden Scale; we do not sell this scale in this store at this time, although we can special order it.

-- Next time - the different grades of products and different types of track

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