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Monday, 3 October 2011

Storing SuperGlue -CA glue & helpful tips

Super glue also known as CA glue or cyanoacrylate adhesive can be as helpful as hard to work with. I imagine your 'huh' expression.
It is great for bonding all kinds of different materials together, especially skin to skin. I like to use it when building model kits, but if you don't test it first it can melt some plastics.  Its great for ceramics, some denser wood, some metals and many other items.  I would not recommend it for repairing high impact plastics such as dashboards in the car or the frames of glasses as it can cloud the lenses.

Here are a few tips:

-Cut the tip of the glue bottle neck at an angle, this prevents clogging and gives you a guide to help control application.
-Store your CA glue in the door of your fridge (just make sure you keep in in the original safety bottle to prevent children from getting it). This will extend the life of your super glue up to six months.-Remember a little goes a long way, using a toothpick to apply to small areas will minimize oozing.
- Never use Superglue on clear parts, it could cloud them.
-If you happen to glue your skin you can use nail polish remover or Debonder (we have the brand "Speed" and "Speed Reverse").

Tell us your helpful hint.....

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  1. this article is the opinion of Valerie and to be taken as helpful hints