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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Basic Tips For Figure Painting

From Chinook & Hobby West

1.      Wash all plastic parts in a grease cutting soap to remove oils and release agents.
2.      Inspect, clean, trim and sand as needed.
3.      Prime with white or gray so features stand out.
4.      Plan out your colours for your project.
5.      Paint basic colours. Go from light to dark. Paint flesh & eyes, white, tan, etc.
6.      Select colour wash in dark versions of your painted piece. Brown for flesh, Navy for uniforms, black for battle worn.  Dilute paint with water or thinner at a one to one mixture.
7.      Do highlights and lowlights, as needed using dry brushing.
8.      Seal your piece by spraying with dullcote (matte finish), glosscote or preference.
9.      Glue (or place if movable) onto your diorama.


  • Take your time
  • Be patient – Mistakes can be fixed
  • HAVE FUN!!!

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