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Friday, 3 January 2014

Are You Interested in Slot Cars as a Hobby?

We currently carry Scalextric Slot Cars in 1:32 scale.  We do have plans to carry more in the future during Slot Car Season (November to March).

This article is to help the beginners in this fun hobby, learn more to increase their enjoyment of Slot Cars. Let us know if you have any questions regarding Slot Cars.

Standard vs Digital

What is the difference between standard Scalextric and Scalextric Digital from a racing experience point of view?

Scalextric Digital racing more about racing as a whole - e.g. you have to get to the finish line despite the following randoms thrown in to the mix: get past other cars on the same lane as you, take pit stops, refuel, take penalty 10sec 'stop-and-go' if you've transgressed, other cars will be in the way and stuff happens that ruins your strategy and you have to think your way out.

Standard Scalextric racing is more about car preparation and driving technique - simple. However, these two skills are also as important in Digital racing.

The key difference, in a word, is Interaction. It is about what happens between you and the other teams/cars/drivers. Comparatively, Digital gets 10/10 for Interaction (and I don't mean crashing in to each other - that would be sorted with a 10 second Pit Lane Stop&Go penalty for such bad driving!) whereas standard Scalextric (1/10 for interaction) is more of a time trial or sprint. Some standard Scalextric clubs have more than two lanes so that more people, at the start of the race, can leave the grid at the same time - but from there on the drivers are on their own until they complete the number of laps or race time.

Scalextric Digital racing offers the most complete racing experience.

Getting Started

Guide lines

  • There is no age barrier.
  • There are no hard and fast rules about what cars race together, what shape circuits should be and what race rules should be used.
  • Most owners make up their own rules, design their own circuits and choose which cars to use.
  • We encourage fans to be as creative as possible.

Buying the first Scalextric set

  • The best way to get up and running is to buy a set.
  • This gives all the equipment you need to race right out of the box.
  • Use the 'Choose a Set' feature on the Home Page.

Flexibility and Compatibility

  • Increase your car stable by buying individual cars
  • Grow the layout by purchasing separate track pieces.
  • Scalextric layouts do NOT have to be laid out as per the suggested circuit on the box lid.
  • Be creative, design different circuits!
  • Download the FREE Track Designer programme and design a layout. The software gives an inventory of the parts required.
  • Most Scalextric cars can be used on any track layout without any problems.
  • Track from  previous Scalextric sets can be used with current Scalextric layouts.

Who races Scalextric?

  • Our Scalextric Enthusiasts Club shows we have members from around 7 years old to +70 years old, of both sexes!
  • There are Scalextric clubs around the world.
  • Most Scalextric owners race at home with friends and family.
  • Organised racing takes place in Scalextric clubs around the world.
  • Our own Scalextric roadshows and exhibitions also provide organised racing.
  • There are national and international racing championships held annually.
  • How involved you want to get is entirely up to you!
  • Scalextric is a pastime, a hobby and a sport.

Access to Scalextric Track Designer

Scalextric Track Designer is the ultimate track building tool! This excellent 3D software includes the full Scalextric track inventory and comes complete with a built-in room designer. It offers Scalextric fans the chance to plan workable tracks, including multi-lane layouts, before getting down to actually building them!
Budding track designers can create the ultimate racing challenge by incorporating elevations and gradients, pit lanes, barriers and other exciting extras. Fully backward compatible with all classic track pieces, the designer is suited to both analogue and digital Scalextric formats.
Once created the designs can be saved, printed or even sent directly to our online shop were the extras you need are added automatically to your shopping basket, making it even easier to purchase the parts you need to build your epic track. Scalextric Track Designer installs in English, French, Spanish or German.
You can download the software FREE here: Download Scalextric Track Designer now!

Some Neat Features of Scalextric Starter Sets

Accelerate into the new world of 1:32 scale slot racing.  Available in three alternative ready-to-race sets, Scalextric Start provides everything for the rookie racer:
  • 1:32 scale slot racing action
  • Easy-to-connect/disconnect track
  • Multiple circuit options
  • Large track pieces for speedy set up
  • Skill level control hand throttles
  • Super tough cars

Add to your slot car collection!

Race any Scalextric car on your new Scalextric Start circuit.

Expand your Scalextric Start circuit!

Option 1: Increase the track length of your Start circuit by over one metre, simply by adding C8527 Scalextric Start Straight Track Extension Pack.
Option 2: Alternatively, incorporate the C8525 Scalextric Start Converter Track Packand add any track piece from the full Scalextric range to enhance your new Scalextric Start set.

Make sure to check out our next blog post on Basic Slot Car Maintenance


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